DNA from mitochondria can be used in many different ways. (Image 20)

Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

"Mitochondrial DNA testing is used as a last resort, usually. Mitochondia [sic] are not part of the genomic DNA, they are small organelles that are inherited from your mother and found thoughout a cell in the cytoplasm. They are the source of the electron transport chain and the energy producers of the body. You get very few from your father and these can rarely be found by testing. This test is good for family screening for missing persons or when unknown remains are found. Again the statistics are lower than normal STRs, but it a valuable tool. The other good thing is that you can get mito DNA from hair, when normal genomic DNA is only found in the root, mito is throughout the hair. Also, since mito is a small circular DNA it can be run by PCR when other genomic DNA is degraded. It can also be found in bones and teeth when genomic DNA is gone." (Interview)


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