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To educate you about the process of forensic investigation and to explain the sciences that apply.

 Crime scene simulation. (Image 2)


Today's technology has made solving crimes accurately and in a timely manner possible. Forensic sciences are able to examine things such as fingerprints and DNA to use them to recreate the crime scene then figure out who the suspect is. Complicated machinery is required and important procedures must be followed in order to do it correctly. 

There are many different parts to a proper investigation. This website focuses on the scientific aspects; most of what is described here is used in the lab. There are even more parts to an investigation, such as criminal psychology and interrogation techniques that are not listed here.

This website was compiled using extensive research. Click HERE to view the sources used on this website. Also, an interview was conducted with Dr. Monte Miller, Ph.D of Forensic DNA Experts. 

The history of forensic science dates back to 44 BC, when Julius Caesar was assassinated. Click HERE to view the full timeline of forensic science. Many innovators helped bring forensic science to where it is today. Click HERE to learn more about the pioneers of forensics.

Crime scene analysis is a complicated field. Toxicology and autopsy are both ways of finding what happened to a victim. These ways involve many tools. Information on those tools can be found HERE.

DNA testing is a method used to identify different suspects. There are many different kinds of PCR testing, including STR, Y-Chromosomal, and mitochondrial analysis. There is also RFLP

All the DNA that is collected must go into databases. Click HERE to read more about the different databases, the ones used for DNA, and the one used for physical fingerprints.

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